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    The 5 celebrity posts with the most likes on Instagram this Tuesday, July 25

    Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. and is used by millions of people daily. Celebrity posts are usually very popular on this social network and can sometimes break likes records. Do not miss The 5 posts with the most likes on Instagram today and we tell you why they have been so popular.

    Becky G (@iambeckyg) is one of the most popular accounts on Instagram with more than 37,488,395 followers. The artist is famous for posting photos and videos from her career as well as her personal life. In her last post, Becky G published a photo that received 253,137 likes. “Yoooooo the way I’ve been obsessed with this song is wild @kizzdaniel,” she wrote in her post.

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    Followed by Becky G comes J Balvin (@jbalvin), who is also one of the personalities with the most followers on Instagram. The artist has more than 51,635,873 followers. This time, his post has received 139,500 likes. “Meanwhile in Australia the Colombian women’s team won the match against Korea in the World Cup and we also celebrated our brutally successful tour in Australia. So we won Colombia and the Latinos!!! Smile @fcfseleccioncol ”, wrote this popular instagramer in his last post.

    The actress and television presenter Gaby Espino (@gabyespino) is also a trend on Instagram every time she posts on her account. She now herself has a total of 13,529,639 followers. In her latest publication, Gaby Espino has received a total of 43,914 likes from Internet users. This was what she posted: “Fall in love with your existence…. And give it your all!!! Starting this new week IN LOVE with my life…!” and you can see it right here below.

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    A post shared by Gaby Espino (@gabyespino)

    Adamari Lopez follows the top three celebrities with a total of 8,715,704 followers. On her account (@adamarilopez), the actress and television presenter is popular for posting photos and videos of her personal and professional life. Her most recent post of hers received 16,836 likes. “Peniche was just magical and spectacular! Thanks to the @selina family for surprising us with our visit to this beautiful city where we were all able to share an unforgettable sunset! @selinaportugal has different hotels that surprised us a lot!!! …@mad.chuck,” he wrote in it.

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    A post shared by Adamari Lopez (@adamarilopez)

    Finally, we close this ranking with Jacky Bracamontes, the actress with a community of 8,449,999 followers on Instagram. She posts hers on her (@jackybrv) of course they cause a lot of furor, to the point of getting a total of 5,774 likes in her last post. “Like WH said… I will always love you.. @jackybrv”, wrote the instagramer.

    These are the photos with the most interactions of the moment on Instagram. As you know, this fame thing is something that changes and is changing day by day.

    Discover the photos with the most likes from the previous days:

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