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    The 5 celebrity posts with the most likes on Instagram this Monday, September 18

    Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and is used by millions of people daily. Celebrity posts are usually very popular on this social network and can sometimes break like records.. Do not miss the 5 posts with the most likes on Instagram today and we tell you why they have been so popular.

    Becky G (@iambeckyg) is one of the most popular accounts on Instagram with more than 37,736,459 followers. The artist is known for posting photos and videos of her career, as well as her personal life. In her last post, Becky G published a photo that got 400,049 likes. “Thank you thank you thank you @patron for making my NY shows so special. Good vibes and tequila for the rest of the tour. #patronpartner,” she captioned her post.

    Followed by Becky G comes Francisca (@francisca), who is one of the personalities with the most followers on Instagram. The actress and television host has more than 4,450,614 followers. This time, her post has gotten 60,739 likes from her community. “Is today!! Is today!! Boy or girl? Tune in @despiertamerica Today we will reveal it,” this successful Instagramer wrote in her last post.

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    The artist Danna Paola (@dannapaola) also usually revolutionizes Instagram whenever she posts on her account. She currently has a total of 34,472,218 followers. In her latest publication, Danna Paola has achieved a total of 20,429 likes from Instagram users. This is what she published: “Suave 5. Mexico. Cover 1. @dannapaola in @muglerofficial by @cadwallader photographed by Jason Al-Taan @jasonaltaan at Casa Amalia Hernandez by architect Agustin Hernandez in Mexico City. Preorder (now) at the link in bio.Photographs by (Photographs by) @jasonaltaanDanna Paola in conversation with (in conversation with) @suave.oooFashion (Fashion) @rrrfbbbAll looks (All the clothes) @muglerofficial @cadwalladerProduction (Production) @ momoroom_ @monsecastera @_pm_ag_Photo Assistant @industryplantLighting (Lighting) @440lemusHair (Hair) @alvarezomarMakeup (Makeup) @emmimuaStyling advisor for Danna Paola (Styling Advisor for Danna Paola) @franciscojrondonStyling Assistants (Styling Assistants) @nicoletequintanar @_reginandrEditor in Chief @santiagomartinezalberuFashion Director @rrrfbbbArts Editor-at-Large @r_marcoMusic Editor-at-Large @diegoaurdanetaCommercial Production @monsecastera” and you can see it right below.

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    A post shared by Suave (

    Geraldine Bazan follows the top three celebrities with a total of 5,665,542 followers. On her account (@geraldinebazan), the actress is popular for posting photos and videos of her personal and professional life. Her last post had 17,901 likes. “Luxury Lab Women Weekend @luxurylabwomen @vidanta How gratifying this meeting with successful, powerful and inspiring women, I enjoyed it from start to finish Thank you!! @abelardo_marcondes @anapazoslifecoach @normiuxitinerary and to each and every one of them I took away a great learning!! I love surrounding myself with cool women!! #luxurylabwoman #soloenvidanta,” he wrote in it.

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    To conclude, we close this ranking with Thalia, the artist with a community of 21,074,602 followers on Instagram. Her posts on (@thalia) of course provoke great interactions, to the point of achieving a total of 12,674 likes in her last publication. “Having the honor of being on stage and seeing so many beautiful faces, so many souls full of stories, so many hearts, beating with the desire to sing and express themselves, so many feet, carrying the rhythm, so many hands, wanting to take photos, for these moments are why I continue singing and creating for you. I was so excited that I want to go on tour once again, it gives me a lot of emotion to think about that… let’s see what happens and how life surprises us,” the Instagrammer wrote.

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    These are the most viral posts of the moment on Instagram. As you can imagine, fame is something that changes and changes day by day.

    Look at the photos with the most likes from the previous days:

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