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    The 5 celebrity posts with the most likes on Instagram this Friday, September 8

    Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and is used by millions of people daily. Celebrity posts are usually very popular on this social network and can sometimes break like records.. Do not miss the 5 posts with the most likes on Instagram today and we tell you why they have been so popular.

    Yailin the most viral (@yailinlamasviralreal) is one of the most popular accounts on Instagram with more than 11,092,216 followers. The artist is famous for posting photos and videos of her career, as well as her personal life. In her last post, Yailin the most viral published a photo that got 795,681 likes. “THIS P*SSY IS DOMINICAN,” she wrote in her post.

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    Followed by Yailin, the most viral, we have Maluma (@maluma), who is also one of the figures with the most followers on Instagram. The singer and songwriter has more than 63,447,492 followers. This time, his publication has obtained 694,959 likes. “What fire needs to be put out?” wrote the popular Instagrammer in his last post.

    The artist Becky G (@iambeckyg) also usually revolutionizes Instagram whenever she posts on her account. She currently has a total of 37,751,390 followers. In her last publication, Becky G has received a total of 419,349 likes from her followers. This is what she posted: “The month of September is a very important month in my life.. This month is your birthday and it is also the month that now marks two years since you left us to go to heaven. You inspire me every day. Although you are no longer here physically, I feel that you are with me every step, every path. I dedicate this to you, Dear Grandfather. Available 9.14” and you can see it just below.

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    A post shared by Becky G (@iambeckyg)

    Angela Aguilar follows the top three celebrities with a total of 9,046,387 followers. On her account (@angela_aguilar_), the artist is known for showing photos and videos of her professional and personal life. Her most recent post had 313,528 likes. “Today, we went to the market,” she wrote on it.

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    A post shared by Angela Aguilar 🇲🇽 (@angela_aguilar_)

    Finally, we close this ranking with Adamari Lopez, the actress and television presenter with a community of 8,777,651 followers on Instagram. Her posts on her (@adamarilopez) also cause a lot of fury, to the point of achieving a total of 48,086 likes in her last publication. “It seems like a lie but it’s true… That’s life! Do you think the same? I read them,” the Instagrammer wrote.

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    A post shared by Adamari Lopez (@adamarilopez)

    These are the most trending photos of the moment on Instagram. As you can imagine, fame is something that changes and changes day by day.

    Look at the photos with the most likes from the previous days:

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