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    Tekashi 6ix9ine asks his followers for help to surprise Yailin “La Mas Viral” on her birthday

    The chemistry between Yailin ‘The Most Viral’ and Tekashi 6ix9ine crosses the screens Although they have said that they are only “collaborators” in their professional lives, The images they show on social networks are proof for many that there is a very special affection between them.

    This time the rapper made a joint publication on his Instagram and that of the trapper to comment that Next July 4 is the 21st birthday of Anuel AA’s exwith whom he recently premiered the song ‘Pa’ ti’.

    The post is a video of them aboard a golf cart that the Dominican is driving with the American that begins by saying: “Here we are with my Jorgi, my Jorgina (real name of the artist) what are you doing?”

    “Majeando to see if as you say, I do not kill, I do not kill”Yailin replied with a smile.

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    Tekashi is then heard saying: “Look, this is what we’re going to do. I told Yai that if she leaves Miami over there, to the Dominican Republic, behind my house there are alligators, crocodiles as you call them. And what am I going to do to you? “.

    Yailin, smiling, replied that he was going to throw her to the reptiles and when her mother called to ask about her, he would answer: “She swam away, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

    6ix9ine’s comment came up as a joke because He didn’t want to say goodbye to Yailin after having spent some incredible days with her.

    At the foot of the reel, the interpreter of ‘Mala’ wrote a message for his followers asking them for ideas of what to do on Tuesday that is his birthday.

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    “My Jorgi’s birthday is on Tuesday, July 4. The 21 years, what do I do? It was the text used by Daniel Hernandez, as the artist is really called.

    “Pay for her studies so she can pursue a career, enroll her in singing classes, give her a teacher of etiquette and protocol, let her learn about business and finance and you’ll see that she will live on her gift for the rest of her life! You save the handbags and clothes because she bought it for her and they show it to you”says one of the recommendations of his followers who has the most ‘likes’ in the publication.

    You can also read others like: “WHAT PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! It is that she is happy and it shows, many times we are with the wrong people, the humility of the two of them says a lot!!! I LOVE THEM”; “Long live love. Even I want a 69 in my life…”; “Give her lots of love and lots of cuddling, she needs it, they look divine”; “Yailin looks happier now than with Anuel.”

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