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    Tekashi 69 confesses the exorbitant amount of money he has spent on gifts for Yailin “La Mas Viral”

    a couple of days ago Yailin ‘La Mas Viral’ and Tekashi 6ix9ine released a song together titled: ‘Pa ti’. The collaboration came amid rumors of an alleged romance between them, which have remained strong due to their closeness and the luxurious gifts that the rapper has given to Anuel AA’s ex.

    The interpreter of ‘Solo Tu Y Yo’ has boasted in recent weeks the handbags and watches that the American artist gave her. In addition to a Mercedes-Benz brand van that is also presumed to be part of the “gifts” of 69.

    In this sense, during an interview with Alofoke that they did in the middle of promoting their new song, the singer ended up revealing how much he has spent on buying Yailin things to flatter her.

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    Anuel AA’s old friend was a bit indisposed when askedand with his Spanish a little deficient, he tried to explain that it was not correct to say how much he had spent and more because ‘La Mas Viral’ was there.

    However, she immediately authorized him to say without mincing words how much he has taken out of his pocket for her, it was then that he released the sum.

    “Like $550,000 to $600,000 in gifts”said the rapper, who later added that he did it because he sees it “as an investment”.

    For her part, Yailin said that she will pay for all this by working: “He’s going to take that back because I’m going to pay him with music.”

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    In the middle of the conversation about the gifts, the host of the program asked Anuel AA’s ex if she had not given any details to Tekashi and the moment ended up being a joke.

    “And you haven’t given him anything?”Alofoke asked, to which the young man without measuring his words said: “She gave it to me” without completing what he had given. The Dominican’s face was a poem and the attendees on the set burst into laughter.

    He quickly understood that the phrase lent itself to a double meaning and added: “I didn’t say anything, he gave me the music.”

    In the end they did not give details of what was the “gift” he received from her, but according to him, and she received the compliments.

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    Yailin and 6ix9ine made it clear that they have nothing as a couple, but many netizens assured that they saw chemistry between them and a special treatment of respect and admiration from the rapper towards her.

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