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    Tatum O’Neal reveals he was in a coma for six weeks after a drug overdose

    The actress tatum o’neal59 years old, announced that in 2020 he was in a coma for six weeks due to a drug overdoseafter combining opioids, morphine and prescription drugs.

    The actor’s daughter ryan o’neal revealed to the magazine People that it all happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. She had a heart attack and stroke; a friend found her in her apartment and rushed her to a California hospital, where she spent six weeks in a coma. kevin mcenroeone of Tatum’s sons, commented that he and his brothers thought their mother would not survive: “I had to call them and tell them that (The doctors) thought she might go blind, deaf, and possibly never speak again.”

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    While recovering, O’Neal was diagnosed with aphasia, the language disorder suffered by the actor Bruce Willis; Since then, she has gone to therapy and is under medical supervision. Throughout her life, the artist has had problems due to her addictions, and she commented that she struggles every day to stay sober. Kevin added that “Covid, the chronic pain in her back and her neck, all of those things have led her to a state of isolation. So for her there wasn’t much hope.”

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