EntertainmentSuccess of Karol G and Featherweight "QLONA" exceeds 7 million views on...

    Success of Karol G and Featherweight “QLONA” exceeds 7 million views on YouTube

    Karol G and Featherweight They are two Latino talents who are at the top of the music billboards and digital music reproduction platforms and Featherweight who have just released their most recent with a sentence called “QLONA” and which belong to the new album Bichota Season of the Colombian singer.

    In less than four days since the Karol G album has been released, one of the most reproduced songs is precisely the one that the urban genre singer has with the regional Mexican singer and lying down corridos, Featherweight. There is no doubt that both are among the most requested and the most sought after for collaborations. So these two greats had to join forces and the result is popping Youtube already passing 7 million reproductions.

    Of course, everyone is waiting for the release of the video clip, something that La Bichota does not precede much as some other artists do, but launches it slowly as a surprise. For now, the video clip of My Ex Was Right is the one that is being promoted by Carol G. and reaches a total of so many millions of reproductions.

    For its part, the double PP is not far behind. Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, as his name was originally Featherweighthas promoted some songs from his Genesis album, highlighting his current video clip with Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija for the song Lady Gaga.

    These two greats of Latin music work so much that you rarely see them socializing, just like other urban and regional singers. Karol G is in the middle of his Manana Sera Bonito tour.

    The same thing that he said when he released the album that he was not going to do it, because it was no secret that, during the Bichota Tour and the Strip Love Tour, he had to deal with part of his sadness and struggles. Precisely the ones she talks about on the album that bears the same name from the tour.

    The truth is that he changed his mind, he is doing it and it is being a success, as is customary. So the directions point to the fact that he will also take the Tomorrow Will Be Nice Tour to Europe. Of course, although this goes with his previous album. Even so, This edition that Feid’s girlfriend and Anuel AA’s ex, Bichota Season, has just released, will be present as she has been in these last concerts.

    Featherweight is also on tour with the Double PP Tour and some dates remain within the United States as well. And he leaves for Europe with dates already confirmed in Spain. He will also be releasing more songs and producing other singers with his record label and making a lot of music.

    Very recently and in view of all the indirect messages launched by the interpreter of The Legends Never Die, anuel aa, Karol G announced his relationship of more than a year ago with the also urban and Colombian singer Feid. Even though she is extremely private and well closed to her circle of true affections. But, her most loyal fans already knew that she had opened her heart a little more.

    Recently, in one of her presentations, she asked all the people who are in love to raise their hands and she did too. It’s not a secret that his last song in honor of Selena, My Ex Was Rightspeaks precisely about how she left a love that did not value her for one, that she considers much better and with whom she feels loved.

    Feid is equally discreet Carolina Giraldo, as La Bichota is really called and has also made very little publicly known about both. This, beyond confirming the relationship at the concert he had in the city of Los Angeles. There they walked out holding hands. The power of this couple is such that both give their space to shine on stage.

    Given the scandal that Karol G’s previous relationship entailed, it is not unthinkable that this time want to keep what little private life you have, quite far from the focus of the press.

    This pair of lovebirds already have a Geek, but they also both have songs dedicated to each other. Like Tus Gafitas, which of course is for the interpreter of Classy 101.

    Karol G and Feid have already announced that they are going to release a new song from the love and relationship they have. So everyone is waiting for this premiere of La bichota y el galan, which is the singer’s new inspiration. For now, we leave you with this presentation that they had at some point in Puerto Rico and that made the whole world fall in love.

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