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    Stephanie Salas uncovered the reason why Michelle Salas could not “support” Humberto Zurita

    After a long time surrounded by rumors, Stephanie Salas Y Humberto Zurita They confirmed their romance with a tender photo session that transcended borders and sparked the emotion of several celebrities, including Michelle Salas, daughter of the actress.

    And although in said publication the influencer made it clear that she supports the couple, the daughter of Sylvia Pasquel recently revealed that this was not always the case. In fact, He explained that his daughter Michelle Salas did not love Humberto Zurita when she was a child.

    In an extensive talk with various media outlets, The interpreter of “Ave Maria” said that her friendship with Humberto Zurita went back to when they met in a play about 30 years ago; It was then that his daughters and the children that the actor had during his marriage to Christian Bach met.

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    Stephanie Salas reported that her daughter with Luis Miguel could not “support” Humberto Zurita because she believed that the actor mistreated her mother. However, everything was due to the fiction of the staging they starred in.

    “The first job I did with Humberto was in the 90s and Michelle was about two years old, and Sebastian (Humberto’s son) was about four, we got together there. We would start dancing and she didn’t understand, so she would yell at Humberto ‘Let her go, let her go, bad Humberto’ ”he said between laughs during the press conference for the play ‘Daddy dear’.

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    However, the story has changed and the model is now the couple’s number one fan. Proof of this is the recent trip that she undertook with celebrities to a paradisiacal destination where they celebrated her love.

    For their part, Sebastian and Emiliano Zurita have spoken about it through various media in which they have revealed that they are more than happy that their father has given love a new opportunity.

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