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    Son of Plutarco Haza and Ludwika Paleta makes his big film debut as a villain alongside his father | VIDEO

    In Mexico, the month of September has a more than special meaning, since various events related to the sovereignty of the neighboring country are celebrated. Among them the Independence of Mexico on September 16, but the 13th also has a special meaning, but not only for Mexicans, but also for the family of Ludwika Paleta and Plutarco Haza.

    In formal terms, it is the day of the heroic deed of Chapultepec, but in colloquial terms it is known as the Day of the Children’s Heroes. An event that led to a film created by the famous Mexican filmmaker, Ricardo Arnaiz, who has made animated films inspired by Mexico and its legends.

    This event would have occurred in 1847 in Mexico City, during the American invasion of Mexico in those years. Faced with this confrontation, a group of children and young cadets had to face the Americans to defend the famous Chapultepec Castle.

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    Which led to the meeting of more than 7 thousand Americans against just 300 Mexicans, among them the names of some cadets stood out, such as the case of Juan de la Barrera, Agustin Melgar, Vicente Suarez, Francisco Marquez, Fernando Montes de Oca and Juan Escutia.

    In this story that was brought to the screen for the first time in an unprecedented way, Nicolas Haza, eldest son of the actors Ludwika Paleta and Plutarco Haza, has a fundamental role in this story.

    Well, in addition to making his debut as a villain in Mexican cinema, Nicolas manages to share credits with his famous father in this very patriotic film about a passage in Mexican history.

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    The character of Nicolas is none other than Sergeant Thadeus Smith, an American military man., who is extremely patriotic and dedicated to his country. He fervently believes that he is a hero and to achieve this, he wants to destroy everything in his path, leaving compassion and humanity aside.

    In this plot, Smith is in charge of seeking to murder as many Mexicans as possible, since they injured his face, and by covering it with a Judas mask, he becomes the inquisitor of the tricolors in this tough battle.

    Prior to the premiere of this film that will only be in a few movie theaters in Mexico for the moment, Nicolas walked the film’s red carpet with his father Plutarco.

    Site where Nicolas revealed what led him to be part of this project, and if he really plans to dedicate himself to acting like his parents.

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    While his famous father, Plutarco Haza, was also very happy to be able to share the screen with his son.

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