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    Son of Itati Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina reveals the powerful reason why he rejected his parents’ surnames

    The children they share Eduardo Santamarina and Itati Cantoral They begin to give glimpses of the paths they want to take. Well, the twins bring the arts in their veins, and just one of them, Jose Eduardo, confessed that given his acting vocation, he decided to put aside the surnames of his famous parents.

    Just as you read it, the young man decided to start his path in acting completely oblivious to his famous parents. Well, not so much, because he decided to adopt the surname of his renowned grandmother, Itati Zucchi, as his stage name.. Mother of her mother Itati, and wife of her grandfather and her renowned composer, Don Roberto Cantoral.

    This topic became relevant after it was announced that Jose Eduardo would soon debut alongside his mother, so he gave some details of what it has been like to work with her on a new project that will mark his career.

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    Jose Eduardo stressed that he will use the last name of his grandmother, the Argentine actress Itati Zucchi, so artistically his name is Eduardo Zucchi.

    He remembered his famous grandmother with great affection, because she was an important person in the middle of the show, since he developed in various areas, so now he will pay tribute to her through his work on stage and on the screen.

    Confessed Eduardo, who still fondly remembers his grandmother, who died on September 28, 2020. And about how his famous parents reacted to this decision, the young actor noted that his mother was very happy.while his father, contrary to what many may think, was very moved by this decision, since Santamarina admired and was a friend of the deceased actress.

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    He pointed to the cameras of the Hoy program, Eduardo, who has decided to continue with the legacy of his grandmother, who married the composer Roberto Cantoral, with whom he had Roberto, Carlos, Jose and Itati.

    Itati and Eduardo were married for five years and had two children, twins Jose Eduardo and Roberto Miguel.

    Although the separation was difficult at first and they did not maintain a good connection, they remained close for their children, and over time, they were able to overcome their differences and improve their relationship for the well-being of their family.

    Jose Eduardo shared exciting news through his Instagram account that brings him even closer to his dream of becoming a great actor.

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    The young man recently announced that he has been admitted to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, a renowned drama school that has influenced and inspired exceptional artists for over 160 years.

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