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    Sideways and in a bikini, Vanessa Claudio showed off her curves from the beach

    With a smile on her face and a stunning photograph, the television presenter Vanessa Claude delighted the pupil of her followers on social networks and demonstrated why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in Mexico.

    From her official account on Instagram, the host of ‘Al Extremo’ gave a taste of what she experienced during her getaway to a paradisiacal destination, which made her wear a sensual beach outfit that made Internet users tremble.

    It was a blue printed bikini that complemented her tanned skin and golden hair. At the same time, the famous woman wore a pair of silver-colored accessories that gave her look a glamorous touch.

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    “World bikini day… and why not? Here, for a change in a bikini #bikini #worldbikiniday”, The Puerto Rican wrote to accompany her burning publication, which soon led to a wave of comments from her fans.

    “Simply BEAUTIFUL as always”, “How beautiful”, “Great photos”, “My platonic love”, “My beautiful Vane”, “Princessaaaa”, “How beautiful”, “That bikini looks divine on you” and “La prettiest girl in Mexico”, are some of the compliments she received.

    It should be noted that this is not the first time that the famous has become the topic of conversation thanks to one of her outfits. In fact, her most recent feat was posing for the June issue of Imaginary magazine. Claudio was seen in various outfits, including a colorful high-cut bodysuit and another full of chains.

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