EntertainmentShakira's father: they canceled her surgery at the last minute

    Shakira’s father: they canceled her surgery at the last minute

    Shortly before they announced their separation from Gerard PiqueShakira, has not stopped having scares with her dad William Mebarak. the same would be operated today in a clinic in Barcelona, which has been seen entering repeatedly. Apparently last minute They decided to cancel the surgery of the 91-year-old man, according to AND! Entertainment.

    It is not known exactly what it would be the operation that would be performed on the father of the Colombian artist. The Vanitatis website of El Confidencial was able to speak with someone close to Shakira: “… The writer must go under the knife imminently. AlthoughAccording to the sources handled by this medium, surgery will only be performed if it is safe for your health“. Later it has been reported that it will not take place today, but it is not known if they will do so later.

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    Let’s remember that he suffered a fall last year in the middle of the scandal that Shakira’s separation from the Barca player, Gerard Pique and before the strong rumors (for that moment) of the current girlfriend, Clara Chia Martin. From there, william mbarak He had to undergo surgery to remove some clots in his brain.

    He has subsequently been seen entering and leaving the hospital several times. In theory, Shakira would have suspended her move to Miami for this very reason. It is also believed that the premiere of his new song with Karol G it was paused not by him Pique’s birthday as was said at some point, but for this powerful reason of your dad’s health.

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    The man was going to undergo surgery this afternoon as long as his medical team consider surgery safe. The same medium was able to know exclusively that Shakira has dedicated herself to her father’s health in body and soul in recent months.

    Despite having canceled the surgery, Shakira hope your dad is there in better health to be able to fly with his mother, his work team and their children Milan and Sasha to the city of Miami for June approximately, according to The confidential.

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