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    Shakira would have discovered Pique’s infidelity because Clara Chia ate something from the refrigerator

    In the midst of the maelstrom that the premiere of the Music Session #53 by Shakira and Bizarrapthe possible causes continue to emerge for which the Colombian singer discovered Gerard Pique’s infidelity with Clara Chia Marti. Apparently, the food would have everything to do with it.

    This was said a long time ago, even after a video of Gerard Pique doing an interview for Zoomwhere a girl is seen walking through the back of what is supposed to be the hall of the mansion she shared with the mother of her children, Shakira, up to just over 8 months. Everything points to the woman in question Clara Chia Martin, current girlfriend of the former FC Barcelona player.

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    Now this new information has come to the fore, which supports that Shakira would have found out or at least suspected Pique’s infidelity with his Kosmos employee because there was a lack of food in the refrigerator at home. Same as Gerard supposedly doesn’t eat.

    This is apparently what it also reflects Shakira in his first song dedicated to Gerard Pique. I congratulate you comes out in the middle of the revolution that has implied not only their separation but the new relationship between the Catalan and the 22-year-old, Clara Chia. In the video clip of the same You can see how he opens the refrigerator and finds the head of his “love”in this case represented by the singer rauw alejandrowithin it.

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    In the program this morning they asked about that scene precisely to the interpreter of the waka waka and, although he did not respond frontally, the assumptions and deep analyzes on social networks and other television programs did not take long to appear.

    The truth is that, with or without food in the refrigerator, many paparazzi like Jordi Martin of The fat and the skinny and youtubers and journalists, The Mamarrazzis, they had already shown evidence of said relationship between the athlete and the young Catalan woman. So, if that triggered the internal war between Pique and Shakirawhat came later has supposed a confirmation to “the suspicion”.

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    After to I congratulate you, Shakira He launched Monotony beside ozuna and dethroned the pitching record to titi asked me of Bad Bunny. Now his new song, which is a “tiradera” with the Argentine rapper bizarre has made it surpass itself in launching also in Spotify.

    In Youtube don’t stay behind and BZRP Music Session #53 It had accumulated a total of 36 million reproductions until the time of closing this note. This video clip shows a Shakira much braver, without the interpretation of the crying and the bloody heart held in his hand that we saw in Monotony.

    What has attracted the most attention on social networks are the lapidary phrases that go directly to Pique and Clara Chia: “Women no longer cry, women bill“”, “I am worth 2 of 22”, and “You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury”. This without skipping that she names both explicitly in the song: “Sal-Pique” and “Clara-mente”.

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    Things as they are. Clearer she does not crow a rooster. They are some direct to the side. All this happens in the midst of strong rumors that Shakira would have suspended her move to the city of Miami with her children Milan and Sasha due to his father’s health condition william mbarak. But the press is so divided with the different sources that others assure that they already have their bags ready.

    However, until the closing of this note, no official statement had been issued by the singer. What there was was a tweet from Gerard Pique hours before the launch of Session 53 of Shakira and Bizarrap in which he published some circus and clown emojis.

    It is also said that Clara Chia posted a stories of instagram from an alleged account instagram (that no one has confirmed out loud that it is hers beyond her fans) but that it has also gone viral on social networks. She was just an emoji with a yawning face. same followers of Shakira and also of Pique they say that account deleted the post minutes later.

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    Swipe right.

    The truth is Shakira He continues to rise with his successes and through lovesickness doing what he has done best in almost 30 years of artistic career: compose and sing. This is not the first time that the Colombian allows a glimpse of her soul through her music.

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    For this reason, we leave you the theme that popularized in 1998 Brute, Blind, Deaf-mutewhich she dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Osvaldo Rios.

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