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    Shakira talks about the ‘vueltiao’ hat she wore at the 2023 MTV VMAs in honor of Colombia

    Shakira, the legendary Colombian singer, made history at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awrads by becoming the first Latin artist to win the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in a night full of feelings of acclaim and emotion. When these distinguished awards were first presented in 1984, her performance, which lasted more than ten minutes and reviewed her brilliant career, was praised as one of the best of the evening.

    His performance, however, was most notable for an intense and unexpected moment. Shakira received a hat vueltiao, a traditional Colombian symbol, from the crowd at the Prudential Center in Newark as she performed. The singer from Barranquilla was moved by this spontaneous gesture, which altered the course of her performance.

    Shakira revealed in a later interview how excited and surprised she was to receive this recognizable hat. The artist admitted: “I have no idea where the hat came from because it wasn’t planned. But for her it had much more meaning than a simple accessory.

    Shakira believes that the vueltiao hat represents not only her hometown and Colombian culture, but also the labor of love of the artisans who made it. It serves as a representation of both her artistic identity and her Colombian identity.

    Shakira’s decision to wear the vueltiao hat was an unplanned, but profound action. It was like receiving a hug at the right moment, said the singer. It was very nice because in my opinion the hat represents my culture and each of the Barranquilla residents. “It symbolizes the work of the artisans who work daily, my indigenous culture, my Colombian culture, who I am and my Colombianness,” the man said in a moving explanation.

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    Shakira’s strong ties to her roots and her native country were once again evident in this act of public service. It served as a timely reminder that, despite her widespread success, she is still considered an inspiration and representative of Colombian culture.

    In conclusion, the unexpected vueltiao hat at the 2023 MTV VMAs was more than just a fashion accessory; It was also a sign of the user’s identity and a show of support for an artist who has left a lasting mark on music and in the hearts of millions of people. World. Shakira remains a beloved icon in the music business and a source of pride for Colombia.

    An Important Moment for Latin Music: Shakira at the 2023 MTV VMAs.

    By having Shakira, the queen of Latin pop, present at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Latin music experienced a historic moment. At this prestigious event, which took place on September 12, 2023 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the talented Colombian singer won the hearts of the public and left a lasting impression.

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    One of the most anticipated moments of the evening was Shakira’s performance and she did not disappoint. The performer captivated the audience with a medley of her most famous songs for about ten minutes, reminding us why she is one of the most important and adored figures of Latin music on the MTV network.

    However, the choreography that accompanied their performance was what really stopped everyone in their tracks. Shakira showed impressive skill and bravery on stage by dancing while she was slashed with knives. Her enthusiasm and ability to capture the crowd’s attention were immediately evident.

    She performed “Chantaje”, “Loba”, “Te Felicito”, “TQG”, “Te Notice, Te Announcement”, “Hips Don’t Lie”, “Whenever, Wherever” and ended with her Guinness World Record. big hit, “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53. Each song was received with enthusiasm by the crowd, which she sang along with Shakira and couldn’t stop cheering.

    When he performed “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. He composed the song “53” while contemplating his ex-partner Gerard Pique and the soccer player’s current girlfriend Clara Cha Mart. Shakira had no qualms about delivering a passionate and emotional performance, even though the song’s lyrics are obviously directed at Pique.

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    Shakira’s bravery and dedication to her craft is demonstrated by the fact that she dared to perform this song on such a significant stage and in front of a large audience. Shakira didn’t think twice to ask the audience to join her in singing during her performance, which was broadcast live to millions of viewers around the world.

    The coveted Video Vanguardia Award, awarded to Shakira in honor of her outstanding career and influence on music, was the highlight of the night. The artist expressed her gratitude to her parents and her children Milan and Sasha, who she stated have played important roles in her life.

    Shakira’s performance at the 2023 MTV VMAs was, simply put, a historic occasion that demonstrated her strength as an artist and her connection with the public. She demonstrated bravery when she performed “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. She is a well-known figure in Latin music and pop culture in general for her song “53” and her humility in accepting the Video Vanguardia Award. Shakira continues to make a huge impact in the music industry and shine with her unique light.

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