EntertainmentShakira overflows sensuality dancing bachata in the Monotonia challenge with an attractive...

    Shakira overflows sensuality dancing bachata in the Monotonia challenge with an attractive dancer

    Shakira overflowed sensuality through his social networks with a video in which he appears dancing the monotony challengebut in addition to setting fire with her hip movements, she was also seen with an attractive dancer.

    It’s been just over a month since Shakira released the song “Monotinia” as a duet with Ozuna scoring one more success in his career thanks to the millions of views that he continues to generate on all music platforms; although with him he has also known how to take advantage of his separation of Gerard Pique becoming a topic of conversation within social networks due to the series of hints that it includes, between the lyrics and of course the video clip.

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    However, the Colombian artist once again demonstrated that she is an expert when it comes to moving her hips and to show the challenge that she launched this weekend to the rhythm of bachata with which of course she shone as only she knows how to do it.

    It was exactly through her official Instagram account, where the woman from Barranquilla set fire demonstrating in front of 77.4 million followers. his best dance steps to the rhythm of Monotoniawith which he wasted sensuality together with the professional dancer Juli Trujillo, who is known on social networks as Truji Bachata.

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    “Bachateros! The challenge is to get out of the box and arrive on time. If not, ask my colleague @trujibachata”, were the instructions that Shakira shared with the short video.

    Although it is only a few seconds, she was willing to provoke all kinds of reactions among her followers, because in addition to showing off her sensual movements, she also revealed her curves with flame-print pants, which she combined with a long-sleeved bodysuit. long and neckline with circles to the waist.

    Along with the clip’s more than 27 million views and 22,000 comments from celebrities and fans, the bachata expert was happy to have been able to share his experience with a star of this level: “A huge pleasure, as always, working with you , Shakira”.

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