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    Shakira makes a master move to Gerard Pique and Clara Chia. There is a new agreement!

    Shakira and Gerard Pique They do not stop being news, and this time again it was due to the rumors that there are around the two that they had to restructure the parental agreement they had about their children Milan and Sasha, which had a 180 degree turn and many consider a Master move by the Colombian.

    They remember that much was said about the fact that the children Milan and Sasha could not be at the wedding of their uncle Marc Pique due to the agreement. Well, now it turns out that, according to various Spanish media, Shakira will give Gerard a chance to have his children more days during the summer.

    But what is striking is precisely this, since these modifications would come after Gerard and his family had said wedding and his children missed it.

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    After it was revealed that Pique begged him to let his children attend the event, something he refused to do, because he knew that the ex-soccer player’s trick would be for his children to coincide with Clara Chia Marti, the so-called third party in their relationship, and Shakira does not want her children to live with her.

    According to the little that has been known about the happy agreement, it is that the little ones would stay with their mother permanently and their father would only visit him for a short period of the holidays, which have been modified over the months.

    It was the host Lorena Vazquez who announced the modifications that said document recently suffered. Well, it was during the last time that the Colombian singer-songwriter went to pick up her children where they decided to make changes to the vacation days that their little ones would spend with their father, after missing their uncle’s wedding.

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    So the ex-partner’s lawyers got down to work to improve the agreements between the two. So they struck another deal that let Milan and Sasha split their time 70-30 percent between their parents.which greatly benefited the former Barcelona player.

    This was stated by the communicator in the program “Y ahora Sonsoles”, where she assured that this 2023 will be different, since the children are adapting to living in Miami.

    Lorena Vazquez also pointed out that the communication between Gerard and Shakira is now much more fluid when talking about their children.

    But they do not stop communicating only through their lawyers, as he recalled that both are willing to make the situation bearable for the minors.

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    And in the same way, he stressed that the interpreter of “Anthology” is currently enjoying Paris Fashion Week, so his visit to Barcelona was very quick and nobody caught it.

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    Source: La Opinion

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