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    Shakira gets into the bathtub for a photo session with Nicolas Gerardin and shows it off on Instagram

    Despite Shakira is in Miami with her children with Gerard Pique, Milan and Sasha They have not stopped showing off on social networks all the photo sessions that were done while he was in Europe. One of them was taken in a bathtub in a hotel with the famous photographer Nicolas Gerardin, who was almost shoulder to shoulder with the interpreter of Acrostic and Empty Cup and He portrayed the most sensual and spectacular images of the Colombian in recent weeks.

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    Through your account Instagram, Shakira showed the impressive photo session that Nicolas Gerardin did in a bathtub. She was wearing a jean with transparent lace on the sides, boots and a jacket high-sleeved bullfighter type, which we had already seen in Paris Fashion Week.

    But, as we discussed, Shakira is no longer in Europe, but is back and back at her home in Miami, just right to embark on a journey to the Youth Awards in Puerto Rico to be held on July 20. That is how the Univision television network will pay tribute to the interpreter of Waka Waka and also to Camila Cabello for being Agents of Change.

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    Let’s remember that Gerard Pique’s ex He has a foundation called Pies Descalzos and has dedicated himself for more than 10 decades to the education of thousands of children in Colombia.

    From Miami he left for Barcelona. There he left Milan and Sasha with the former FC Barcelona player, just as they legally agreed. By the way, it is said that made an adjustment in the custody agreement with Pique. From there she went to France, where she attended the Viktor & Rolf show and the Fendi show. She not only showed off her beauty but also her mutual admiration with Cardi B.

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    In the interim, between one event and another, Shakira had several photo sessions, almost all of them carried out by the photographer that we mentioned initially, Nicolas Gerardin. One of the most attention-grabbing on her Instagram account was the one in which she opened her Fendi dress and posed for the camera.

    Another was the day she arrived showing a top at the Wimbledon Tennis Open and of course, there was also a respective photo session. The outfit she wore to the Vogue party didn’t go unnoticed either. But one of the outfits The most impactful of the Colombian was the dress with the huge “NO” on her chest.

    A few days after wearing it, Alejandra Espinoza gave him an interview in which she said that her freedom of expression was not negotiable, because that is precisely what artists do. Write songs from life experiences. So now it makes more sense to wear this Shakira dress at Paris Fashion Week.

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    Shakira at Paris Fashion Week 2023.
    Shakira at Paris Fashion Week 2023. Photo: The Grosby Group.

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