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    Sergio Mayer was nominated for the third time in ‘La Casa de los Famosos Mexico’

    This Wednesday the fourth Nomination Gala was held at ‘La Casa de los Famosos Mexico’, after which Sergio Mayer is once again in danger of leaving the competition, along with Raquel Bigorra, Paul Stanley and Mariana ‘Barby’ Juarez.

    The strategies continue within the most famous house in Mexico and again the Fourth Heaven is in great danger, because despite the fact that the leader of the week is one of his own and can save one of the nominees, he will have to decide between three of them since, of those who are in danger, only the ex-Garibaldi belongs to the Fourth Hell.

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    During the week it drew a lot of attention that Jorge Losa invited Poncho De Nigris to the leader’s suitewhich aroused suspicion among his former partner from Solo Para Mujeres and especially among viewers, who assured that it was a strategy to separate the leaders of Team Infierno.

    However, the Spaniard mentioned that he wanted to be with him because he feels that they have not lived together long enough. On the other hand, these days have served to learn more about the actor and model, who was closely linked to Ferka.

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    Finally, the moment arrived for the inhabitants to give their votes and each one of them had to distribute three points between two of their companions, as La Jefa called them. The synchrony between Team Infierno was very clear as they all gave at least one point to ‘Barby’, while the others divided them between Raquel and Paul.

    For its part, Team Cielo agreed practically in its entirety in nominating Sergio, with the exception of Barbara Torres, who gave two points to Raquel Bigorra and one more to ‘Apio’ Quijano, with what seems like a declaration of intent from who plays alone again.

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    In this way, the four nominees were as follows:

    Source: La Opinion

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