EntertainmentSergio Mayer reacts to Natalia Subtil's lawsuit against her son: "She is...

    Sergio Mayer reacts to Natalia Subtil’s lawsuit against her son: “She is not my daughter-in-law, she is not my daughter, she is not my nothing”

    Sergio Mayer reacts to Natalia Subtil's lawsuit against her son: "She is not my daughter-in-law, she is not my daughter, she is not my nothing"

    Behind the lawsuit filed Natalia Subtil a Sergio Mayer Mori for the maintenance of the daughter they have in commonnow he is the former Garibaldi, Serge Mayerwho responded forcefully by assuring that he is looking out for his granddaughter, but has no responsibility to the little girl’s mother.

    In an interview with various media, one of them the program ‘Ventaneando’, the actor and singer once again entered the controversy over the recent statements of Natalia Subitl, mother of his granddaughter, who stated that she hoped to receive support from Sergio Mayer since he has always boasted of fighting for the rights of women and children, but in his own home he does not solve anything.

    Given this, Mayer Breton responded forcefully, making it clear that it is a matter that must be resolved in private and not before the cameras, as the mother of her granddaughter Mila intends to do.

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    “It goes without saying that (to Subtil) he loves the media part and, well, I think it’s something they have to fix“, he commented.

    Likewise, he reiterated that he has always been on the lookout for the 5-year-old girl as well as his son, who will arrive in Mexico in the next few days to take care of the matter.

    “My son already comes from Barcelona, ​​he has been on the lookout and everything. He is going to fix things the way they should be, not in the media.”

    But he was direct in saying that he will continue to support his granddaughter and if his son does not respond as he should, he will have to bear the consequences; however, he does not intend to see Natalia Subtil because he is not related to her.

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    “She is the mother of my granddaughter, she is not my daughter-in-law, she is not my daughter, she is not my nothing, She is the mother of my granddaughter and I look after my granddaughter. If she is expecting my son or me to look after her, then she is wrong, She is a 30-something-year-old woman who has to take care of her life and she has to get her life forward and her daughter forward also in the same way that my son does it, “he added.

    Finally, he sent a message to the actress originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in which he incidentally aired the help that they would have given him and that she wasted.

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    May he be happy, may he find a partner and may he continue his life, may he move on. You are going to find out about the job that was offered to him so that he would have an income and do well and he did not comply,” he explained.

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