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    Sergio Mayer confesses to having received threats for defending Alexa Hoffman from abuse

    After he publicly offered his support to the teenager Alexa Hoffman for having reported to the authorities that she had been a victim of abuse by her father, the actor Hector Parra, who was sentenced to serve a sentence of 10 years and six months, Sergio Mayer Breton announced that both he and his family have received threats.

    During an interview granted to the radio program of the presenter Maxine Woodside, the husband of Issabela Camil He assured that he was satisfied for having contributed his grain of sand so that the person who, as a parent, took advantage of someone vulnerable, was condemned.

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    “Now it turns out that a sentenced pedophile is the image of injustice. I’m not going to fold because I know I did the right thing and I’m glad that a victim has found justice in this country. I feel so proud of Alexa, of what she did and of what she generated because how they continue to attack her,” he said.

    In 2019, the victim in question dared to break the silence to denounce that since she was six years old and until she was 14, her father had touched her inappropriately. Against his will.

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    From that moment on, the police launched an investigation and after finding some evidence against the assailant proceeded to arrest him.

    Once the case became public, Mayer Breton reached out to Ginny Hoffman’s daughter to support her and this also contributed to the pressure to convict her own daughter’s assailant.

    However, The interest in the young woman’s case was counterproductive for the 57-year-old actor, since he agrees to be concerned about the threats received against him, but above all where he warns him that his family could pay the consequences.

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    In this sense, Mayer’s daughters have even asked him to hire security personnel to keep an eye on his integrity.

    “I have received attacks and lies. My family, my daughters, Antonia did not want to come because in her networks they have attacked her, criticized her, threatened her, just like me, they have told me tremendous things about my daughters, ”she emphasized.

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