EntertainmentRyan Gosling claims not to know Martha Higareda and then poses with...

    Ryan Gosling claims not to know Martha Higareda and then poses with her

    A few weeks ago Martha Higareda caused a stir on social networks due to some of the anecdotes she told in the podcast she has with Yordi Rosado ‘De Todo Un Mucho’, as a result of that some users remembered another experience that she told her a couple of years ago back to Omar Chaparro about one day she slipped in a restaurant and a man caught her to prevent her from falling and, to her surprise, it was the actor ryan gosling.

    “I was wearing like a little sweater and the chairs had like a blacksmith garigol, so my sweater got caught with that. I think that because it was the edge of the restaurant there was a lot of grease on the floor and I slipped… then I feel a person grab me and it’s Ryan Gosling”the protagonist of ‘No Manches Frida’ told Yordi Rosado more recently, just when they talked about all the controversy that was generated.

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    For this reason, during his recent visit to Mexico, along with margot robbieto promote the live action movie of ‘Barbie’, a reporter from ‘Venga La Alegria’ did not miss the opportunity to ask the actor about the statements of the Mexican actress during the pink carpet prior to the premiere.

    The Canadian reacted puzzled before the question “Do you know Martha Higareda?” and at first he only managed to respond, “excuse me?”. However, the journalist did not give up and at the insistence, who gives life to Ken, responded “I don’t feel it”.

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    This again unleashed the controversy over the veracity of the anecdotes of the Mexican actress, who has lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. However, a group of her followers highlighted that she never really said that she had a friendship or some kind of relationship with him, but that it was a chance meeting.

    On the other hand, during the same promotional tour Martha Higareda surprised her followers by announcing that she was able to talk to both Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie and that a video will soon be released on her YouTube channel in which this meeting will be recorded.

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    “You won’t believe me… but yes! It was incredible to talk with @margotrobbieofficial and with Ryan Gosling from #Barbie and other anecdotes that you already know and others that I will share with you…” It was part of the message with which he shared the news.

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