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    Rosalia is caught wearing lycra and a top in Miami, while Rauw Alejandro is in Barcelona

    rosalia had been lost since it was revealed that ended her engagement with the urban genre singer Rauw Alejandro. While he is on the Saturno World Tour and sending messages to La Motomami, she is far away from Europe. He is in Miami, where he has been exercising.

    The “Chicken Teriyaki” and “Despha” singer was wearing a white top and sports lycra. It seems that she is drowning her sorrows in exercise. Despite the house of separation and the song she dedicated to him Rauw Alejandro “Hayami Hana”, she did not look crestfallen. On the contrary, she looked quite relaxed, chatting while she probably took a break at the gym.

    Minutes before, a fan managed to capture her in Miami traffic. The young woman was driving when she realized that Rosalia herself was driving in the truck next to her. It is presumed that this could have happened on the same day of the gym, since she had the same white bandana in her hair. The truth is that the Spanish singer reappeared far from where she is. Rauw Alejandro.

    As expected and just as his agenda outlined, Rauw Alejandro began his tour in Spain. Incredible preparation and also the receptivity of the public with practically full capacity have been the artist’s premise. However, the gossip press in Spain has not stopped following in his footsteps.

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    The journalist to Amor Moreira Mayra Rauw Alejandro has been relating to a singer and influencer named Maria de la Morena. Supposedly, the singer had been writing to her when he was still with Rosalia. This journalist even said that, if she had been Rosalia and read those messages, the annoyance would probably have been great.

    He also gave details that the singer invited Maria de la Morena during his concert in Valencia and that he did not take his eyes off her throughout the night.. He also claims that they both spent the night in the same hotel. It is not known if they were together, but he assures that they were staying in the same place.

    Now Rauw Alejandro is in Barcelona, ​​where he was seen sunbathing in his underwear and by a companion who has nothing to do with a woman.. If not with a cat, with whom she has been seen a lot lately and with whom she has joked that she is his “billionth” girlfriend.

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    For its part, La Motomami seems to have preferred to be in Miami, while Rauw Alejandro is on his tour which will end at the end of this year. So, while the interpreter Te Felicito with Shakira has been attributed with several romances. Quite the contrary, Rosalia has not been related to anyone, since very little has been seen.

    He said in a statement he published on Instagram that they had broken up months ago, but another journalist named Leticia Requejo swears that is not true and that lRosalia ended the relationship at the end of June.

    Rosalia would be pregnant with Raw Alejandro |  Mix it up.
    Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro | Mix it up.

    They also assure this journalist from sources very close to the couple that they were already having problems and that he was in Puerto Rico. Not passing “the guava” through La Motomami but because of problems that he was already having.

    Rauw Alejandro had to go to Paris Fashion Week and she asked him, before going there, to make a stop in Spain to talk. They saw each other in the apartment they shared in Barcelona and she made the decision to end the engagement.

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    Nobody knows why they were in separate places if he still had no work commitments, supposedly and according to Requejo. For now, it is not very clear who gets this department. Apparently, Rauw Alejandro went back to pick up her things and she went with her sister Pili later to do the same.

    For now, hope for reconciliation seems to have died for now for this couple, but in the world of entertainment you never know. You see that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck returned and got married after 20 years of ending their first attempt at romance.

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