EntertainmentRodrigo y Gabriela: recharged and renewed

    Rodrigo y Gabriela: recharged and renewed

    Rodrigo and Gabriela thought that the world was going to end with the pandemic, so they locked themselves in their studio and dedicated themselves to recording as if it were the last thing they were going to do in their lives.

    “We weren’t thinking it was going to be a record, but a creative journey,” Gabriela said by phone from Scottsdale, Arizona, where the duo was on tour. “When you are an artist, well, you are seeing what you take away from and what you put into the molcajete”.

    And since the world didn’t end, that creative journey resulted in an album called “In Between Thoughts​.​.​. A New World”, and it has caused a great stir in the musical field because for the first time since this band was created, something other than the acoustic guitars of its members was included.

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    “As it was very spontaneous we went very crazy, with electric guitars and orchestra and other things”, said Gabriela.

    The album featured the participation of the Bulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra, but that doesn’t stop it from sounding rocky, the eternal love of this Mexican duo that until 2012 was a sentimental couple. Currently their relationship is merely artistic.

    They are currently on a tour that covers several cities in the United States —today Thursday they play at the YouTube theater in Los Angeles and on June 27 at the Kings theater in Brooklyn, New York—, they continue through Canada and end in November in Europe.

    And while it’s happening, these musicians are already working on their next album, which Gabriela promises will be “bien locochon”, which can be translated as innovative and out of the ordinary.

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    Another surprise that could be expected from this band is that one day they will release an album with songs, an option that they do not rule out despite the fact that many people have asked them to remain faithful to their strictly acoustic style.

    “But now with this album that has been very well received, it would be good to release songs,” he said. “Yes we have them but we haven’t released them.”

    Both she and Rodrigo write songs but they have never brought them to light. The plan would be for someone else to interpret them because Gabriela believes that neither she nor Rodrigo are singers.

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    In addition to their careers as guitarists, both have side projects in Ixtapa, a coastal city in the Mexican state of Zihuatanejo. He owns a vegan restaurant and she owns La Casita Ecovegana, an organization that offers cooking classes and how to create orchards and raise cattle. He is also in charge of a cat shelter.

    When they are not on tour, in addition to attending to their businesses, the couple frequently meets in the studio they share and which is “one of the best investments we have made,” said Gabriela.

    “Every time we come back [a Ixtapa] We are going to use our toy,” he said.

    In detail

    That: Rodrigo and Gabriela

    When: today Thursday, 8 pm

    Where: Youtube Theater, 1011 Stadium Dr., Inglewood

    As: tickets and reports

    Source: La Opinion

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