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    Rodolfo Sancho apologizes for “seeming arrogant” after visiting his son in prison in Thailand

    The murder case of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta at the hands of Spanish chef Daniel Sancho in Thailand has been very controversial because of the chilling nature of the event and because The confessed butcher is the son of Rodolfo Sancho, a renowned actor in Spain.

    This week the actor went to visit his son for the first time since he was arrested and accused as a suspect in the crime that he later confessed.. Just outside the Thai prison Koh Samui, eThe actor gave some statements on Wednesday that were taken as very harsh by many media and public opinion in general.

    This Thursday the actor went for the second consecutive day to visit Daniel and although he had said that he would not speak to the press anymore, He took a few minutes to publicly apologize for saying what seemed frivolous. He assured that only It was “a defense mechanism” to feel strong and help his eldest son.

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    “As you can imagine, yesterday, logically I came out of a complicated moment in there. Perhaps the image I gave was very harsh, perhaps arrogant. You know that I have always had a smile for the press. I came out of a hard and complicated moment, at no time have I wanted to appear arrogant, or cold, or harsh, or anything like that, it is simply a place where I place myself. “I know myself well and I know that I put myself there to feel strong”explained the artist in front of several media outlets that have been at the forefront of the case outside the prison.

    On Wednesday the actor offered his condolences to the family of the murdered doctor saying: “My deepest condolences and condolences to the Arrieta family, who I understand will be in enormous pain.”.

    That was the first meeting that Rodolfo Sancho had with the press in the midst of the scandal and He refused to answer some questions so as not to hinder the process and for personal reasons. However, he drew attention when he said that he He was not going to show himself crying about what had happened.

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    “I’m not crying my eyes out, that’s not me… There are two ways to take things when they come in life. You can take it as a misfortune or as a challenge, I have always said it. I think I’ve said enough with that. “You’re not going to get tears from me.”declared the father of the confessed murderer.

    This Thursday, September 7, marks one month since Daniel Sancho has been in preventive detention. He is currently in jail on the island of Samui in Thailand, awaiting trial for the murder of Edwin Arrieta.

    The 29-year-old man was placed under the custody of the Thai authorities on August 7 and was subsequently admitted to the Samui district prison. The initial place of detention was Phangan Island, where everything happened.

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    Sancho and Arrieta had met in 2022 through social networks and they had had personal dealings ever since. They had agreed to travel to the island of Phangan in Thailand where the full moon festival takes place on August 2, the day on which the murder and dismemberment would have occurred.

    The Spaniard even attended the party after having committed the crime against the Colombian. Days later, during his first statements after acknowledging the chilling fact, he said that he was supposedly a victim of the doctor who would have kept him in a “glass cage.”

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