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    Regina Blandon is denounced for being rude to the press after leaving an interview furious

    Once again the Mexican actress Regina Blandon She is in the eye of the storm after it was revealed that she was rude to a reporter during an interview. Which she would have abandoned unexpectedly, because she did not like what was asked of her.

    This is not the first time that Regina, daughter of the first actor, Roberto Blandon, has been involved in an incident of this type. Well, according to the Mexican press, she is a temperamental young woman, and she does not really like to attend to the media, and even less so if it is not under her conditions.

    It was the host Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who contacted the supposed reporter who interviewed Regina, to tell him what had happened between her and the “Mirreyes contra Godinez” actress.

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    The reporter, Mariana Zepeda, with whom Regina Blandon supposedly had the misunderstanding, gave her version of what happened.

    Zepeda pointed out that Regina Blandon had already expressed her annoyance with the media, but fortunately she was not present at that time. Minutes later they met to talk face to face..

    Later, Mariana revealed that she asked some questions that bothered Regina too much. Among them, if she had plans to become a mother, as well as the participation of Barbara Torres, her partner in “La Familia P.Luche”, within “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico”.

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    It was precisely that moment that triggered Blandon’s fury, who without further ado decided to abandon the interview and told him off camera that he was only going to talk about theater.

    Given this, a pitched battle took place between Regina and the reporter on social networks. After the communicator exposed the actress’s mistreatment of the press.

    To which Regina, without delay, responded and even labeled the agency that organized the event as if it were some kind of threat to the press. Since there was no reason to do so.

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    And finally, the Mexican reporter insisted that this is not the first time that Regina behaves in this way and that for the actress it is never the place or the time to ask her questions that have to do with her personal life..

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    Source: La Opinion

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