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    Raul de Molina reveals that a toilet broke in a hotel and firefighters had to help him

    Raul de Molina, host of the program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ for 25 years, always connects with the public when he tells an anecdote from his life. This week He recounted a somewhat embarrassing emergency that even warranted a call to the fire brigade.

    ‘Rauli’ began by saying that the Univision show was the first to break the news about the plane that was destined for Barcelona, ​​Spain, and that it returned to the Atlanta airport, United States, due to the emergency that a passenger had who did not manage to arrive. to the bathroom with diarrhea.

    His partner, Lili Estefan, also spoke about what happened, ensuring that a situation like this can happen to anyone and It reminded him of the event that ‘El Gordo’ experienced years ago.

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    “Stomach decomposition, that happens to anyone ‘Rauli’, because you had to call the firefighters at the Madi… What was the name of the hotel in Mexico?” Lili asked, making Raul get embarrassed and turn around so as not to see the camera.

    She kept saying that “had to be evacuated from a hotel room in Mexico” and he looked a little embarrassed. Given what he said ‘La Flaca’, he ended up being honest and recounted the emergency that he once experienced.

    “Almost 30 years ago… Lili is right. Thirty or maybe 31 years ago. I wasn’t on television. I was in Mexico, I went to eat at that time when you got sick when you were in Mexico… you did drink ice and all that…”he began by saying about what happened to him.

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    Then, he revealed: “I arrive at the hotel… I had to run to the bathroom. I run to the bathroom, I throw myself into the bathroom and the toilet breaks and floats, and the entire floor floods. “They had to evacuate the floor and move me to another room.”

    The memory of Raul de Molina was published on the Instagram of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ where some Internet users left ‘like’ on the post and even emoji of laughing faces because of what the presenter said.

    “The producer has to understand that Raul’s anecdotes are more interesting than those of many artists. Please let him tell” and “Hahahaha I love the show when they don’t talk about politics, they talk about fashion and if it’s not fashion and politics they are chimes, the joke is that the show has already become the REVOLTIJO”, were some of the opinions of network users social of the camera about Raul’s anecdote.
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    Source: La Opinion

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