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    Rapper Tali Goya challenges Anuel AA to fight after seeing a photo of Yailin “La Mas Viral” beaten

    On the night of Thursday, July 6, a “take and give me” was put together between Anuel AA, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Yailin ‘La Mas viral’. In the middle of a ‘stories’ war on Instagram, lThe Dominican ended up accusing the Puerto Rican of physically mistreating her when she was pregnant, something that outraged many who saw her photo with a bruise on her face.

    Among those who reacted to that tangana that the artists starred in was the rapper tali goya. In the first moment He seemed to be on the side of Anuel AA because he assured in a video that he “was filled with courage” to speak defending his daughter and even said that he was not supporting Tekashi 6ix9ine, whom he described as a “rat”.

    However, after “La Mas Viral” published a photo as evidence after accusing the interpreter of “Mas Rican Que Ayer” of having hit her while she was pregnant with Cattleya, made the one also known as ‘The King of the North’, attack Anuel AA.

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    “I just saw the photo, you hitting the youngest, were you hitting that pregnant girl? Yailin? Were you hitting Yailin pregnant with your daughter?”he began by saying annoyed in a video that he uploaded to his profile on Instagram.

    The image unleashed the wrath of the rapper who ended up challenging the trapper to fight to see if he was going to hit him, as he supposedly did with the Dominican artist.

    “I want to fight you, you are a fool, I want to fight you, you are not a tiger… Hit me like that!”said Tali Goya in her video for Anuel AA.

    After she accused him of hitting her, not buying diapers for her three-month-old baby and even allegedly stealing money from her, the interpreter of ‘Mejor Que Yo’ defended herself by calling her a “liar”.

    “You always said that you were going to give yourself up to say that I gave you and try to put me in prison. I never thought that someone would sink so low or that you had a heart to do that or insinuate such a lie and barbarity “was part of the text in which he defended himself.

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    In his ‘stories’ on Instagram that Anuel AA launched direct darts against Tekashi, publishing newspaper articles in which the American appeared as news for the case in which he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 13-year-old well as having recorded it, when he was 18 years old.

    “Get into the links so you can see how he himself accepted guilt for recording a minor under 13 years of age in a case of child pornography… They sexually abused her when she was 13 years old…”, he said in his first message.

    In that publication, Emmanuel Gazmey – as Anuel AA is truly called – also pointed out Daniel Hernandez – 6ix9ine’s first name – of inventing stories against him to “sell his album” and even called him a “pedophile”.

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    He also warned him: “You touch underage girls, mouse, and sexually abuse them… STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER.”

    On the accusations of Anuel AA, 6ix9ine defended himself by assuring that the case he was talking about had happened a long time ago and details had been discovered for which he ended up only paying “community service.”

    Likewise, the rapper said that the ragpicker conquered “La Mas Viral” when he was 19 and he was 30, something that he suggested was also twisted.

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    Source: La Opinion

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