EntertainmentPost Malone's collaboration with Bob Dylan has been suspended indefinitely

    Post Malone’s collaboration with Bob Dylan has been suspended indefinitely

    Magazine rolling stones announced that There is a Post Malone song with lyrics by Bob Dylan, whose release was suspended indefinitely because the recording – made in 2021 – took too long to be ready.

    It was all the producer’s idea. Michael Cash, who for years planned an album with Dylan songs that would be performed by rap artists. As to Post Malonesince he began his career he has declared that he is a big fan of the rock poetand the latter showed interest in the project, so through his representative Jeff Rosen sent the lyrics of a song titled “Be not deceived” in November 2020.

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    Four months later – and in the middle of the pandemic – Malone recorded the song, thinking that Dylan would attend the sessions, but that was not the case. Cash told the publication that, for somewhat mysterious reasons, the track It was not completely finished: “The only thing I can say is that (the song) went from being something we were excited about to just becoming a circular figure-eight pattern. Nobody had an answer.”

    Tired of waiting for the final product, Bob Dylan and Jeff Rosen requested the lyrics backhence “Be not deceived” might never be released. Until now, Michael Cash He has not expressed his intention to resume that musical project: “It just seems like no one really met the expectations and it seems like no one communicated. It was made into a really cool piece of music and then it became something really weird. Really weird.”

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