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    Pepe Aguilar reveals his most handsome son and it is neither Angela Aguilar nor Leonardo Aguilar

    Pepe Aguilar reveals his most handsome son and it is neither Angela Aguilar nor Leonardo Aguilar

    american singer Pepe Aguilar is an active member in social networks, the Mexican regional music singer uses his official accounts to publicize all the details regarding his career and also some anecdotes that have to do with his personal life, the relationship with his children or everything what happens when you’re downstage.

    It was through one of his stories on Instagram that the interpreter of “Por mujeres como tu”, “Miedo” and “Prometiste” made a very important confession and with which he left more than one shocked, Pepe mentioned who of all his children seemed to him the “most handsome”, But to the surprise of his followers, it was neither Emiliano, nor Aneliz, nor Leonardo, and he did not say it was Angela.

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    Who Pepe Aguilar described as his most handsome son went to the “Gordo”, the pug puppy accompanies him everywhere and that far from being a pet, he is a special part of the family, for which he assured that he was the most handsome of all.

    El Gordo is a faithful companion of the charro, he not only goes with him to the events of “Jaripeo without borders”, They have also paraded together on the red carpets of important awards and has even mentioned that he would like to have his face tattooed somewhere on his body.

    Pepe Aguilar had Emiliano with Carmen Trevino with whom he was married, but after three years they decided to separate because they were not compatible. As a product of his love, the now young man was born who in 2017 was accused of the crime of human trafficking and although he has already paid for his mistake, he is far from the spotlight and cameras, he only dedicates himself to helping his family as part of the work team of his father.

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    Later and already married to his second wife Aneliz Alvarez, little Aneliz arrived, who today is not dedicated to music either, she does not sing, but her career is focused on other fields of work of her parents and siblings, the young woman is also very active on social networks in which she shares her taste for fashion.

    Nicknamed the “Fine Rooster”, Leonardo Aguilar is a young man who is looking for his place in music as a singer and songwriter, he currently has several singles on social networks and is part of the tour “Jaripeo without borders”he is also the author of several songs that his father has released in recent months, such as “No me hablan de amor” that Pepe recorded with Intocable.

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    Angela Aguilar is one of the most famous stars of the Mexican regional, the singer has made her way with her family and also alone, this 2022 he released his album “Mexicana enamored” with which he has been nominated and awarded in various music celebrations.

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