EntertainmentPepe Aguilar proudly boasts that he is the "tattooed showgirl" of his...

    Pepe Aguilar proudly boasts that he is the “tattooed showgirl” of his daughter Angela during a concert

    Angela Aguilar He has a fancy showgirl and it’s none other than his dad, Pepe Aguilarwho proudly boasted it on social networks, provoking the admiration and respect of his followers.

    After performing at the Latin Grammy ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada, Angela Aguilar arrived in Merida to offer a great concert at the Montejo Show Center of the Xmatkuil 2022 Fair, where she sang in front of more than 25,000 attendees, scoring a more success to your career.

    As on other occasions, “the princess of Mexican music” arrived in Yucatecan lands accompanied by her father, Pepe Aguilarwho in addition to witnessing a great show, was also part of the chorus group.

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    This was confirmed by the interpreter of “Prometiste” with a video published through his official Instagram profile, where he appeared with a microphone in hand in a very special place behind the scenes while singing the song “Dime Como Quieres”, with which He confirmed that in addition to being a father who supports his daughter in family matters, he also supports everything that has to do with his career and even enjoys doing the second voice during musical shows.

    A very high level tattooed showgirl, accompanying Angela Aguilar in her concert at the Xmatkuil Merida fair, more than 25 thousand attendees”, reads the publication that has more than 300 thousand reproductions.

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    This demonstration was well received by his followers, who did not miss the moment to express their admiration and congratulations for being a present father in every way.

    “How nice how he supports his daughter in everything”, “Tattooed, of a high level, the best of all and he failed to say handsome”, “The showgirl is luxurious”, “The girl is luxurious choirs”, “And on top of that the support Angela is so great to know that her father is supporting her”, “My total admiration for the wonderful father you are”, “The way he cares for, educates and teaches his children is incredible”, “The best in the world”, They were just a few messages that the 54-year-old artist born in San Antonio, Texas received.

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    Pepe Aguilar also shared how much fun he had during his visit to Merida, Yucatan, where he had time to enjoy the typical food of the region and even a mezcal.

    “Just there! What a good time we had in Merida,” he said.

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