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    Pepe Aguilar explodes again against the press for questioning his daughter, Angela Aguilar | VIDEO

    It’s really getting tiring that every 5 minutes, Pepe Aguilar come out to defend your daughter Angela Aguilar after any phrase, comment, or whatever about the young woman. And this time she was no exception, because in the middle of the conference, she again left her squire before a question from the press that was really supported.

    It is understood that she is 19 years old, but she is already a young adult who can certainly hold her own. But her famous father doesn’t want me to give her even air, and proof of this was a meeting with the press, where the singer exploded against a reporter because yesWell, she really wants only nice things to be said about her and she is not questioned about anything.

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    At the conference, the singer was asked how she had overcome the negative comments made against her, especially when private details were revealed.

    “In what way did you reconstruct yourself so that these comments, so that all this that was aired about your personal life and your privacy, would not affect you to the degree that you said ‘I don’t want to be an artist anymore’?”highlighted the reporter

    To which Angela only limited herself to saying “You went too far”, but it was her father who reacted to defend her.

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    Antonio Aguilar’s son pointed out when he rebuked the journalist who wanted to know how the young singer had coped with difficult situations.

    “What I have seen is that people love her very much. She fills up all the places where she goes. She has just performed twice at the National Auditorium, ‘Que agony’ is number one. Why don’t you ask him that?”indicated Pepe, who was seconded by Leonardo Aguilar, who has also defended his sister on different occasions. “Grab the microphone and ask that”The son of the singer of “Prometiste” intervened, for which Angela immediately intervened.

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    “I am not taking anything for granted, rather, they just issued a press release in which they said that they are not going to leave these types of comments”highlighted the reporter.

    For which Pepe Aguilar replied: “Ah, that is another question.” After this tense moment during the press conference The interpreter of “Actually” tried to justify the reaction of her father and brother, who have always come out to advocate for her in the face of her controversies.

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