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    Paulina Rubio and her heartbreaking story about how she lived through her mother’s cancer, Susana Dosamantes, until her death | VIDEO

    The death of a mother is one of the greatest pains that a human being can experience, it does not matter if you are famous or someone out of the spotlight. And this time paulina rubio he broke our hearts with the heartbreaking story he gave to Pati Chapoy, when he told how his well-known mother faded away, Susana DosamantesUntil the day of her death.

    In this talk for “Ventaneando” Paulina confessed how she has experienced her mourning: “I haven’t been through that moment yet. It’s been hard, I’ve found a direct line to my mom. It has also been complicated, I don’t feel so angry anymore. One day at a time”.

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    There was a moment when Chapoy touched the most sensitive fibers of the former member of Timbiriche, because He asked her how she found out about her mother’s illness, her family’s reaction to the news, and the tough decisions they had to make along the way..

    About how the whole process went, Paulina was very clear about it: “She left very quickly, it was three months and she couldn’t stand the treatment. She lived with us. And I did not stop my work, on the contrary, I started working more because she asked me to, she did not want her to stop working ”.

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    According to Paulina, what surprised them about her mother’s illness is that not even during the pandemic did she show any indication of her illness, since she was very healthy: “I believe that you will never compose yourself for a loss like hers. She is my everything and continues to be… she was a lady who gave everything, that she gives and continues to give”.

    But despite being on tour, Rubio assured that he spent a lot of time with his mother: “I spent afternoons with her, listening to music, not talking anything, just being there for her”, the moment she burst into tears.

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