EntertainmentPaulina Goto boasts of the possible wedding dresses that she will wear...

    Paulina Goto boasts of the possible wedding dresses that she will wear at her wedding “to celebrate in a big way”

    Paulina Goto has been very discreet when talking about her wedding planningbut this time he could not take it anymore and revealed details of the probable wedding dresses that he will wear, because he wants to celebrate in a big way that he will leave the bachelorhood.

    Surprisingly, the actress was seen during the tests of the outfits that she will wear at the wedding, and even confessed that the name of the prestigious house that will make the trousseau of the big day.

    Through her Instagram account, Paulina Goto published a short video where she shows her appointment with the renowned dressmaker Rosa Clarato define the details of her dresses that she will wear in the important event.

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    The actress was happily surprised to see the dress she will wear at the civil wedding, and is seen paying attention to the sketches and textile materials with which the designs made exclusively for her have been made.

    In one part of the clipthe famous wears a long organza dress in a princess cut, which elegantly highlights the curves of her body, at another time, she wears a white mermaid-cut dress, which further highlights her perfect silhouette, as it is very fitted.

    “Rosa Clara is going to make my wedding dresses… yes! I said dresses, because I want to celebrate big. Thank you for giving vision to my dreams. I already saw the designs and GMO@rosa_clara”wrote the actress on her social networks as the foot of the video.

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    Although it is common knowledge that the groom should not see his future wife’s dress until the wedding day because it “brings bad luck”, Rodrigo Saval, Paulina Goto’s future husband, did see the probable outfits that the actress will wear and even reacted to it.

    The famous couple soon made a comment to their girlfriend: “I shouldn’t be watching this,” he wrote, adding an emoji with the face of a monkey covering his eyes.

    Faced with this situation, Paulina Goto made it clear that what her fiance saw in the video is supposedly not what she will see on the day of her expected link, since the dresses chosen for such an occasion will be a surprise.

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    Source: La Opinion

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