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    Paula Levy reveals who she moved to live with after the death of her beloved grandmother Talina Fernandez

    death of the great Talina Fernandez continues to give a lot to talk about. While her children seek to sell the mansion she had in Mexico City and are already renting the one she owned in Acapulco on Airbnb, her grandchildren continue to wait to receive the inheritance left by her mother, the actress mariana levy.

    Through various interviews and social networks, Emilio, Maria and Paula have shown us what their life is like after the death of the two most important women in their lives.

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    The last to do so was Paula, who underwent a question and answer session with her followers, to whom she confessed that she does not live with her sister, but rather with her father, Jose Maria Fernandez, better known as ‘El Pirru ‘.

    “Nooo”, was how he responded to the fan who asked him if he lived with his sister. Her refusal was accompanied by a photo with her father.

    Her revelation comes weeks after the young woman used the same means to find an apartment or someone she wanted to share with her, finding the best roomie she could imagine in her father.

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    “I am urgently looking for a roommate in CDMX!!! If you know of someone or a depita please send me a DM ”, reads the message published by the sister of Maria and Jose Emilio.

    The message, which he wrote in white letters on a black background, was accompanied by a photo of himself inside a heart.

    Paula’s search for a house occurred in the midst of the conflict that exists over her mother’s inheritance, which they should have received when the youngest of the siblings reached the age of majority, which I did, but what has not happened is the distribution of assets and does not even have when, which leaves the three in a situation of uncertainty and very vulnerable.

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