EntertainmentPaola Suarez, from 'Las Perdidas', explodes against Niurka Marcos for insulting Wendy...

    Paola Suarez, from ‘Las Perdidas’, explodes against Niurka Marcos for insulting Wendy Guevara

    This week Niurka Marcos launched criticism against Wendy Guevara because She considers that by getting along with all the members of “La Casa De Los Famosos Mexico” she is not playing as she should and called her “mustia”. The controversial statements of the vedette made Paola Suarez, a member of ‘Las Perdidas’, react, who defended her friend.

    Through a ‘live’ on Instagram, Suarez touched on the subject and made it clear to Marcos that Wendy “is not playing any strategy”, and that she is only being “authentic” in her participation in the Televisa reality show.

    “We know that Mrs. Niurka lives on controversy, I feel that if she is not fighting, she is not comfortable, seriously”commented the influencer.

    ‘La perdida’ assured that Niurka should not be “advising” Wendy because they are completely different, for which he invited her to better worry about her youngest son, Emilio Osorio, who is also participating in ‘La Casa De Los Famosos Mexico’.

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    “Niurka wants Wendy to fight like her and to be like her, and no, Wendy has her side to her, she is like that. Do you understand me? I better instead of going around giving advice to Wendy because right now everyone is like Wendy, like Wendy, like Wendy. You, Niurka, who have your son Emilio, better give him some advice, tell him to put on riats, to be embarrassed, or better go and visit him: gather a cheer and go and throw a cheer at him Because as far as I know, you have not gone to throw a baton at him, ”said Paola Suarez.

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    He also commented that Emilio has been seen on the screens crying because he misses his relatives, for which he reiterated to Niurka that he better visit his son.

    “So I’d better tell Niurka to grab a cheer, go outside the House of Celebrities and throw a good cheer at her children, because her son is already bad, he’s crying and if it’s not for Osorio what He went to throw his baton at him that child would be very sad in there, the truth “he commented.

    Finally, he warned Niurka that Wendy is very loved by Internet users and that if she lashes out at her, they will come out in her defense. She even told him that the influencer is more appreciated than the star by the fans.

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    “Wendy has a lot of fans who are very toxic, very toxic, when it comes to defending her. Right now Wendy is the most loved, because she is unfiltered, she is natural, people are liking what she is doing (…) When you talk badly about Wendy and say what you don’t like, you’re going to kick the fans of Wendy, who is very dear, dearer than you”he concluded.

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    Source: La Opinion

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