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    Paola Rojas has respect and affection for Zague five years after her divorce

    During the year 2018 it went viral on social networks, an intimate video of the then partner of Paola Rojas, Luis Roberto Alves, which culminated in a divorce by uncovering an infidelity. Despite the above, the television presenter assures that there is still affection for her ex-partner, five years after that scandal.

    “I am not going to tell you that my life is perfect, nor that it is honey on the flakes, no. There are many things that it is difficult for me to process, ”she explained to the media during the event“ 31 women we love ”from the Mexican magazine“ Who ”.

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    Fortunately, I have good communication and a good relationship with the father of my children.. We love each other, we respect each other. He is a very close father, very present and, well, we are doing it hand in hand, ”added Paola Rojas.

    The communicator highlighted that the anger and resentment towards him were left behind, five years away, since they share the fruit of something that was beautiful at the time, it is about their children.

    In a past chat with Isabel LascurainPaola Rojas revealed that her greatest motivation to stay on her feet when she suffered from her ex-husband’s infidelity, were her children, whom she sought to protect at all times.

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    “That gives you direction… to anyone who is going through a bad time, the first thing I would say is that: minors must be protected. Above your sadness or your anger is protecting minors. I did it that way and I am very satisfied and very happy to have done it that way, ”she assured forcefully.

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    Source: La Opinion

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