EntertainmentOn board the moving truck, Alix Aspe said goodbye to Miami after...

    On board the moving truck, Alix Aspe said goodbye to Miami after leaving Telemundo

    The former host of the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, Alix Aspe, said goodbye to Miami to start her return to Mexico. After having suddenly left Telemundo for not reaching an agreement, he decided to return to his native country.

    Posting a photo gallery on Instagram was what Alix chose to say goodbye to the city that was her home for years. In the first photograph she appears with her husband, both on top of the truck where their belongings will travel from the United States to Mexico.

    “My happiest place. See you soon Miami, you’ve been good to me”wrote the Mexican host to accompany the photos with her husband on the beach, with friends and in the house they have abandoned.

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    A couple of weeks ago Aspe announced that he was leaving the television channel where he worked for eight years of his life. The Mexican did not give details, but made it clear that his resignation occurred due to not reaching agreements to renew his contract.

    “You have witnessed that the last few weeks have been of great changes and decisions in my life. You will no longer see me on ‘La Mesa Caliente’ or on Telemundo. As you well know, this is a business and at the time of negotiating my contract we could not reach an agreement. I’m fine, I’m safe and I’m very excited about what’s to come”he said a few weeks ago.

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    At that moment, she highlighted that the experience on Telemundo left her with great learning and great friendships, something that is wonderful for her.

    “I am more eager today than ever to eat the world and reach my full potential. Cycles end, cycles begin, and after 8 years at Telemundo I value each experience, each learning experience and, above all, all my colleagues who are now my friends and have made my journey something wonderful.” said a few weeks ago.

    According to journalist Javier Ceriani from the show business show ‘Gossip No Like’, Alix would have requested a salary increase, since apparently earned as a reporter and not as the host of a program that is broadcast from Monday to Friday.

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    “Look, Elisa, Alix, the one who left, really left because she earned very little, she earned as a reporter salary, about $80,000 dollars, then she asked for 200-odd because she said she was already talented,” Ceriani said.

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