EntertainmentOlga Breeskin reveals that Veronica Castro has not overcome her health problems

    Olga Breeskin reveals that Veronica Castro has not overcome her health problems

    The vedette Olga Breeskin announced that the actress Veronica Castro is going through delicate moments, because her health is diminished.

    “I did not want to be indiscreet, but she is calm, I do not want to share more personal details than as godmother and friends of almost 50 years, but she is recovering, She has been delicate since she fell from an elephant and that fall has caused her many health problemsbut fortunately the Lord loves her”, he mentioned in an interview with the television program the sun rises.

    The violinist whose artistic career took place mainly in the casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada, He also referred to the scandal generated around the mother of the singer Cristian Castro, who a few weeks ago was accused of having inappropriate conversations with young girls from one of his fan clubs.

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    “Knowing the integrity, the heart of Veronica Castro as a daughter, as a comadre, as a mother, as a grandmother, like everything, I think that these idle girls scored a goal against Veronica Castro and took advantage of her goodwill, because what star like Veronica Castro is going to take the time to pimp, pamper?cybernetically speaking, and suddenly they change the game, it was very unfair to me, ”he said.

    Likewise, Olga Breeskin also took advantage of her meeting with the media to send a message to the designer Mitzy urging him to reconcile with Veronica Castro, since it benefits both of them to be friends.

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    “Mitzy is a great person and we cannot get carried away by these difficult times, this is not the time to be fighting, to gossip. We are in the moment to forgive ourselves, love each other, and as Divo de Juarez said, to hug each other very tight. If Vero doesn’t talk to you, as they say, ‘if the mountain doesn’t come to you, set an example as an evangelical pastor,’” he stressed.

    For her part, the 70-year-old actress surprised again by pointing out that she feels as if her mother called her from the world of the dead.

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    I kind of feel like my mom is suddenly calling me and I say, ‘fat girl, hold on, hold on for a while, I mean, don’t push, don’t push me yet’. I feel like it’s calling me, ”she said in an interview with the television host Patricia Chapoy.

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