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    Not only Miguel Bose, Spanish actress, also suffers a violent robbery in her home in Mexico

    In recent days it has become known that various celebrities have suffered violent assaults inside their homes. The first was Miguel Bose, then the former manager of Alejandra Guzman and now it was the turn of the Spanish actress Monica Pontwho has been living in Mexico for 3 years.

    According to the actress, the unfortunate events occurred after a subject, at gunpoint, stripped her and her son of some Rolex watches when they were preparing to enter the elevator at home.

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    According to her testimony, the robbery occurred after she and her 19-year-old son were followed by the criminal from the Mexico City International Airport after arriving from Cancun.

    “At the airport in Mexico there are gangs that are dedicated to registering the people who are arriving and if the travelers carry any type of jewelry or valuables, they try to follow them to assault them. Here life does not matter, it has no value, so they will not hesitate to kill you if necessary to rob you. You have to come with a low-profile appearance to avoid these setbacks,” the actress told EdaTV.

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    After the scare she received and after thanking the doorman of her house for risking his life to protect her and her son, the actor announced that, contrary to what Miguel Bose said, she would leave Mexico as soon as possible.

    “My life and that of mine is above everything,” said Monica Pont, who was very affected after the nightmare lived outside her home.

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    Source: La Opinion

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