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    Niurka breaks the silence and clarifies if it is true that Bobby Larios is the real father of Emilio Osorio

    Niurka Marcos broke the silence around the real father of Emilio Osorio, who has been speculated could actually be the son of the actor Bobby Larios And not from John Osorio. Faced with speculation, the Cuban star She said she was completely sure of the genes of the youngest of her children.

    Niurka and Bobby Larios met in 2003 when they both participated in the telenovela ‘Velo de Novia’ produced by Juan Osorio, from then on the name of the former Adventurer was involved in controversy for allegedly having been unfaithful to the producer, so even rumors arose in which they claimed the real father of Emilio Osorio was the Mexican actor.

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    Almost two decades after that scandal, Niurka was openly questioned during an interview on the program “Sit Who Can!” about the real father Emilio Osorio, where she categorically clarified that he is Juan Osorio, since when she met Larios she had already seen her son born.

    When I met Bobby and Emilio was born. So I believe that fate is mischievous and sometimes gives the vultures a little food, but Emilio has all the resemblance to Juan, his father. He has features in his smile, his eyebrows, and apart from that, he has his mother’s beauty,” he said.

    Although it is known that Emilio Osorio is currently 19 years old and was born on November 25, 2002, which coincides with Niurka’s explanation, The dancer accepted that it is a subject that provokes doubts of all kinds.

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    “People are morbid, people need that and look If you want to doubt who the father is, too bad for Juan, because I love and respect him, but I have no doubt who the mother is.“He added causing laughter from those present.

    Finally, she stressed that this has never mattered to Emilio, so until now he has not questioned her about it.

    Regarding the relationship that Niurka had with Bobby Larios, during a recent interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante Emilio Osorio he confessed that he does not remember what living with him was like, because at that time he was very small and did not have enough consciousness to respond.

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    “There it goes: I don’t have many memories of Bobby, I have more memories of his son that we sometimes shared a room, but a couple [de mi mama] that I remember and that I liked very much is Yanixan”, he confessed.

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    Source: La Opinion

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