EntertainmentNiurka attacks Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano after their breakup

    Niurka attacks Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano after their breakup

    Since they participated in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, Niurka Marcos and Daniella Navarro have had a feudhence the announcement of the Venezuelan actress that she has ended her affair with Nacho Casano -also an ex-participant of the reality show-, made the Cuban star react hinting that the courtship was paid for.

    It was Sunday June 25 that Daniella issued a statement explaining to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram that the torrid romance that began a year ago has come to an end. in the house where they lived with other celebrities such as Laura Bozzo and Salvador Zerboni.

    “I made this decision for myself because I love to be happy. I can’t pretend, sorry”Navarro began by saying in a long text in which she stated that she was relieved to let go of the relationship because things are not as they are believed to be on social networks, especially on Instagram where people post their best version so that their followers see them well.

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    Although the actress of successful soap operas on Telemundo He did not go into detail about why they broke up, commenting that he “wasn’t happy with a lot of things anymore.”; hinting that it was she who decided to cut her losses despite the great affection that she expressed that exists between them.

    It seems that the news was not indifferent to Niurka, who did not ignore Daniella’s publication. Taking the screenshots of the Venezuelan Instagram stories as a background, the Cuban issued her opinion on the matter.

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    “We already knew, assholes. Since they underestimate the audience, everything was planned ”, wrote at the beginning.

    Furthermore, he added: “You should see what a roe and what mediocrity. What you have to find out is how much they were paid for the farce.”

    Neither of the two actors has responded to Niurka’s accusations, but for months it had been rumored among fans that Nacho Casano and Daniella Navarro were not together. because they did not share loving publications. However, the actress and the actor came to do ‘live’ on Instagram talking and denying rumors about their separation that is real today.

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    So far, the Argentine has not shared anything on his social networks about the break with the Venezuelan with whom he established a very special bond on the reality show ‘La Casa De Los Famosos 2’.

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    Source: La Opinion

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