EntertainmentNinel Conde is fed up with criticism: "They need to tell me...

    Ninel Conde is fed up with criticism: “They need to tell me that I change my sex”

    Ninel Conde is fed up with criticism: "They need to tell me that I change my sex"

    actress and singer Ninel Count has a long history in the world of entertainment and although it is acclaimed by many, the truth is that It has not been spared from being the target of criticism for the “arrangements” that have been made.

    However, the interpreter of songs like “Callados” and “Tu no vales la pena” has decided to put a stop to her detractors by speaking out on the matter.

    “I do not clarify gossip, they always say. Unfortunately there are certain media that do not tell the truth. Sometimes there is no longer credibility, then“, declared the so-called ‘killer hottie’ in the presence of several reporters.

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    Of course, he did not miss the opportunity to slap with a white glove those who invent rumors that he described as ‘nonsense’: “The only thing missing is that they say that I changed sex, then I will say: ‘yes, I am a man'”he added jokingly.

    In another situation, Ninel Conde spoke about the problem she is going through with her son Emmanuel, since her ex-partner (Giovanni Medina) has her parental authority. The famous revealed that he tries to keep a positive mind and good spirits.

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    “I am happy, in another stage of my life, obviously you know what is there, that I am with faith in God and waiting for God’s time to accommodatethat is the only thing that confronts me with my emotions, but from then on, if you can survive something as strong as a woman, as a mother, and the rest is minute peccata, “he specified.

    To conclude, he explained that although he has been able to meet his son on several occasions, he would like to live with him for longer periods of time and even travel. “It will be a great blessing, but they still won’t let me”Count detailed.

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    Source: La Opinion

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