EntertainmentNicole Chavez is the third eliminated from "La Casa de los Famosos"...

    Nicole Chavez is the third eliminated from “La Casa de los Famosos” and the public celebrates in networks

    Tremendous jolt shook ‘The House of the Famous‘ after Nicole Chavez became the third eliminated from the famous Telemundo reality show. But, how did her colleagues take the news in the show? She reads on to find out.

    Last Monday night the third elimination gala was held, in which the actress Paty Navidad, the actor Pepe Gamez, the athlete and champion of Exatlon Mexico Aristeo Cazares and the daughter of boxer Julio Cesar Chavez saw each other face to face. .

    According to the production, the elimination percentages greatly favored Paty Navidad, who received 51% of the total votes to ensure her permanence, while Pepe Gamez achieved 28% and Aristeo 16%.

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    For his part, Nicole Chavez only received 5% of the votes, which resulted in a determining factor for her elimination from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’.

    Another of the most mentioned moments of the night was the reaction of the participants who hopefully awaited the return of the influencer. Celebrities like Osmel Sousa, Aylin Mujica, Aleida Nunez and Osmariel Villalobos looked very disappointed at the departure of who they considered one of the strongest rivals within the house.

    Although for the rest of the celebrities inside the house, Chavez’s farewell fell like a “bucket of cold water”, for the public it was the opposite. And it is that Through platforms such as Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram, they made their happiness visible at the departure of the 24-year-old.

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    “The best season, we love happy endings”, “I have never enjoyed an expulsion so much. The departure of Niurka and Laura fell short”, “The public rules, that is Telemundo” and “Justice was done”, are some of the comments that made their arrival on social networks as soon as the news was released.

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    Source: La Opinion

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