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    New signs for Rosalia’s ex. They associate Rauw Alejandro with another Spanish woman

    The rumors about the end of the engagement of the urban genre singers, Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia, do not stop. Initially, he was associated with a Colombian model named Valeria Duque. The same as she ended up breaking the silence and saying that, although she was in the dressing room of a concert in Mexico, she says that she has no relationship with the Puerto Rican.

    For this moment, Rauw Alejandro also broke the silence confirming the break with Rosalia through a message on Instagram, in which he denied infidelity. Yet now A Spanish program reconnects Rosalia’s ex with another woman Spanish.

    On this occasion, it is about the star of reality shows and singer also of the urban genre, Zaira De La Morena. The journalist Amor Moreira said in Fiesta Telecinco that, if a couple had sent her theThe messages that Rauw Alejandro sent to this Spanish friend who is not Rosalia, surely he would have bothered.

    Part of what this journalist says is that she saw the messages and that she is supposed to third in discord between the relationship of Rauw Alejandro and La Motomami It could harbor more details that it does not want to tell. Also that someone from the reggaeton team invited her with some friends to his concert and they were emphatic in telling her that he wanted to meet her, “Maria de la M” (stage name).

    Supposedly, the meeting took place, he passed her to the dressing room and they plan to see each other, according to this Telecinco show, in Spain on August 26, specifically in Valencia. But the truth is that, to this day and according to what she said, Rauw Alejandro, is a single man.

    Other sources directly linked to the work team of the singer born in Puerto Rico, such as Fernando Velez, host of the program Lo Se Todo, assures that their relationship did not end due to some infidelity on the part of the singer. He says that he himself spent several weeks in the company of his relatives on the island of enchantment at the time of the thunder, since evidently he was very affected by the breakup with Rosalia.

    Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia walking through the streets of New York in 2022.
    Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia. Photo: The Grosby Group.

    After that, Lionel Messi’s first game with Inter Miami has also been seen at very few public events, where it also seems like that moment. she was related to singer Camila Cabelloas explained by the driver of El Gordo and La Flaca, Raul de Molina.

    While all this is happening, the interpreter of Baby Hello and Te Felicito with Shakira released a song dedicated to his breakup with the interpreter of Despecha, Chicken Teriyaki and Vampiros, called hayama hana. In it, he is excited about the strong lack of love that he is experiencing and how he harbors the hope of a possible reconciliation with rosalia.

    The truth is that the rumors around them seem not to stop yet. We will have to wait and see if this Spanish singer, reality star and influencer by name Zaira de La Morena, breaks the silence to sign or deny what the journalist Amor Moreira tells.

    Until the time of closing this note, neither Rauw Alejandro nor any of his representatives had issued any official statement on this information. Besides, the singer Rosalia has remained in total secrecy and their movements have hardly been known.

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    Source: La Opinion

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