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    Natti Natasha responded forcefully to those who criticize her for “showing too much skin” in networks

    The name of the Dominican singer Natti Natasha She has not stopped heading the headlines since her husband Raphy Pina was accused of alleged infidelity and now she does it again thanks to the forceful message she sent to those who criticize her for her hot images on social networks.

    It was during his participation in the Dominican Parade in New York that The interpreter of “Sin Pijama” and “Runaway” was questioned about her secret to maintaining an enviable figure just over a year after giving birth.

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    “I exercise every day,” Natti Natasha told reporter Gelena Solano from ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’. “I eat super clean, I’m vegan, well vegetarian now because I’m eating eggs.”

    Of course, despite the fact that most of the photographs in which he shows his figure are some of the most popular within his Instagram profile, this has not prevented him from becoming the target of accusations or criticism from Internet users.

    About, The Dominican was indifferent and asserted that “everyone has their vision.” However, she does not let this affect the way she perceives herself: “If you have it, you have to teach it. I have the right too, ”she said with the humor that characterizes her.

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    Finally, Natti Natasha sent a message to those women who, like them, have at some point been the subject of attacks for showing themselves as they want to be seen.

    I tell all the women out there to always find themselves, to be happy with who they are.with what they have, that is what I have found in me, that sex appeal that all women have, and that if they have not found it, they should look for it, “he said.

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