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    Natanael Cano is furious about the failures in the launch of his new album

    A new musical proposal for those who enjoy the regional Mexican genre is available on social networks, it is “Nata Montana”, the recent record production released by Natanael Cano, who appears on the scene for being the creator of the subgenre recognized as “lying corridos”.

    “Nata Montana” is available on all Internet platforms and for several weeks the singer from Hermosillo, Sonora released the news through his official profiles, one of the things he expressed is that it is a material in which He worked with his closest friends.

    Despite being very happy with the news of his album, Nathanael Cano expressed that his joy had tarnished because things did not turn out as he thought and that it was all due to some mistakes they made from the “Apple Music” application already that they forgot to attach several important data about their disk.

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    “Plebes the net I’m pushing … today my album ‘Nata Montana’ came out and everything is wrong, I wanted to come to tell you that and apologize to all the crowd that was waiting for the duet with Gabito Ballesteros, I couldn’t get it out, but I had already accepted that, today my album came out and I’m too sad, then they come and play ‘Nata Montana’, they make a mistake in the title on Apple Music, how is that possible”, says Natanael Cano in a live broadcast he did in their profiles.

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    Another thing he denounced is that in the song “Viejo lobo” where he shares a microphone with Luis R Conriquez, the necessary credits for his duet partner do not appear. In his comments, his followers supported him and wrote that they send him the best wishes, they also added that the songs are very good and that he likes them.

    Songs from the new album by Natanael Cano

    In the production, reference is made with the cover to the “Tony Montana” tape, since the Sonoran singer is seen from behind with a blue background, the airship is also seen with the phrase “The world is yours”, while in The graphic on the back lists all the songs that make up the project.

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