EntertainmentNatanael Cano answers AMLO harshly and directly and exhibits the question he...

    Natanael Cano answers AMLO harshly and directly and exhibits the question he asked

    Music is always a source of controversy when it comes to differences in taste, this specifically when there are relatively new genres that come to generate division with novel and even eccentric proposals, such is the case of the now famous corridos lying down.

    Currently, music is lived through digital platforms and social networks such as TikTok, spaces that are largely responsible for singers such as Featherweight, Natanael Cano or Junior H being in the world top of most listened to artists on Spotify. because they are representatives of the warlike version of the corridos.

    On the morning of June 26, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke about the fight against drug addiction in his morning conference, where he was questioned about his opinion of the songs that maintain lyrics alluding to the excesses of parties and the use of drugs. as the music of exponents such as Natanael Cano proposes.

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    The president of Mexico assured that even if young people do not like it or sing authors, he will not remain silent around the songs that talk about drugs being incredible.

    In this regard, Nathanael replied that the president himself has asked about their prices when giving a concert. This was revealed by the Mexican singer during an interview with a national media outlet, where he assured that the leader of the Federal Executive wanted Cano to sing for him, for which he asked about his costs and the interpreter assured him that he would give an unpaid show.

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    The famous singer who has collaborated with artists such as Featherweight, took the opportunity to reveal that his new album “Nata Montana” will strike a sensitive chord, so he hopes that the president will also talk about that, at the same time that he refuted the approach that he supports to the culture of drug trafficking, however, he said that he does not mind talking about it, but he assures that he does not want minors to be influenced by the drug culture.

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    It is worth remembering that since 2019, Natanael Cano called his style influenced by trap as “corridos tumbados”. A year later, the singer Luis R. Conriquez released his album entitled “Corridos belicos”, in reference to his lyrics about his experiences and conflicts in drug trafficking.

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