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    Natalia Tellez rules out the possibility of divorce, although she accepts that she is experiencing a relationship crisis

    The statement that her husband Antonio Zabala could move to another zip code, issued by Natalia Tellez herself, generated speculation that the couple could be close to divorce. after three years of staying together.

    However, the television host declared in an interview given to the television program “De Primera Mano” that, although he has distanced himself from the father of his daughter Emilia, It does not propose initiating any legal separation process.

    I’m not separating, but I did say it and I stand by it: People have to reach the agreement that works for them, If it means living together, go ahead and if everyone has their own space, go ahead,” he said.

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    Apparently the point of conflict between Natalia and her husband are the liberal ideas that she defends and promulgates in front of the television cameras.

    “I think that separating spaces in favor of the relationship is to stay together. It can’t be everything I say, or everything he says. So, what I have learned is to understand that we are with people with very fixed ideas, but who are malleable for our family and our relationship,” he said.

    In this sense, the 37-year-old actress also acknowledges that On several occasions he has had to give in to prevent some of his concepts about life from ending up affecting his relationship.

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    A family is about giving up a lot, to learn and to find yourself in the middle ground, which is the most difficult thing”, he stressed.

    Although her relationship as a couple has become complicated, Natalia Tellez hopes to soon overcome the crisis she is going through and while that materializes, she tries to devote herself to work, but the irritability he shows when addressing some issues and certain signs of distraction and nervousness when openly questioned about how solid his marriage can really be are evident.

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    In the end, only time will determine the ability that the television presenter may have to bow down to her husband’s ideas, since since she burst onto the television screen, she has always been characterized by defending her points of view to the letter when she knows that he is right.

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