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    Nadia Ferreira had a boyfriend older than the salsa singer Marc Anthony: 77 years!

    The wife of Mark Anthony, Nadia Ferreira, continues in the arena of entertainment information. Not only the announcement of your pregnancy has gone around the world, but also his loving past. Apparently The former beauty queen likes older men and would have had a 77-year-old boyfriend (at the time) before dating the JLO ex.

    Nadia Ferreira is 23 years old. Mark Anthony, 54. The difference of more than 30 years between them was the first thing that came to light when they made their relationship public. But this would not be the first time for the former Miss Paraguay, she would have dated a man who takes her many years. When she was 16 years old and, according to La Gente Opina, the young woman had a romantic relationship with a businessman when he was 77 years old. (now he is 84).

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    According to a source close to Nadia Ferreira, The model would have been lovingly related to the famous businessman Mario Lopez Estrada when he was 77 years old and she was only 16 years old old. All this would have happened while the former miss was in high school ”, can be read on the Instagram account of the digital medium about the Future mother of Marc Anthony’s seventh child.

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    If this information is true, then the man would have dated a minor. However, until the time of closing this note, no one related to the communications office or Mario Lopez Estrada, nor Nadia and Mark has come out to deny or affirm such an assertion.

    Although there are not a few years of difference between them. The couple of the moment managed to reach the altar a few weeks ago in a wedding that was held at the Perez Art Museum in the city of Miami. There, Marc couldn’t contain his tears when he saw Nadia walking towards him dressed in white.

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    Let’s remember that This would be the fourth marriage for the interpreter of “Live My Life” and “Flor Palida”. In the past, she was with the former Puerto Rican Miss Universe Diana Torres, with whom he had two sons. then with Jennifer Lopez and from this relationship were born the twins Emme and Max. Finally with the Venezuelan model shannon delime. They had no children.

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    The first two children of the salsa singer were with a police officer and would be a girl and a boy. Now The Puerto Rican’s seventh child is on the way and he is so in love with Nadia and her new familywhich is rumored to He didn’t even sign a prenup. We wish much success to this new union!

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    Source: La Opinion

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