EntertainmentNacho Lozano: 3 months after leaving 'Hoy Dia', he leaves Telemundo

    Nacho Lozano: 3 months after leaving ‘Hoy Dia’, he leaves Telemundo

    Two years ago he arrived from Mexico, to the new format of ‘Hoy Dia’, where more original news was promised3 months ago it came out when the morning show changed course for more entertainment. And this week he is leaving Telemundo directly.

    We are talking about journalist Nacho Lozano, whom you will see for the last time this week hosting the Telemundo noon newscastand leave for what he calls ‘my next projects’.

    Lozano came to Telemundo from Grupo Imagen, Mexico, where he did radio and television, to be the head of the morning news. The first week she did it from her country of origin until she traveled to the United States, and continued from the chain’s studio a month later.

    As we have told you, the rating was not the best during the time they tested the news format in the morning and, with the arrival of new executives, there was once again a drastic change in content, scenery and presenters.

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    Nacho, like Quique Usales and Carlos Robles, continued in the news department and went to the newscast. The Argentinian to do entertainment, the weather, the climate and Lozano to drive it. But this Friday the 31st will be his last day.

    Both Lozano and the chain confirmed our informationIn fact, Nacho, after we asked him for a reaction, he posted a tweet telling his audience about it.

    In the same way, Telemundo also reacted to our question about Nacho’s departureand they exclusively told us the following:

    It has been a great pleasure having Nacho as a host on Telemundo News. He is a very talented journalist and has been a great addition to the team. From his contribution to ‘Hoy Dia’, to his participation in the news, Nacho was always committed to serving our audience with the information they need.. We are grateful for your valuable contributions and wish you all the best in your next projects.“.

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    The big question that many will ask is: Whose decision was it to leave Nacho Lozano? The official version says it was a journalist’s decisionwho wants to take new steps in his career.

    The unofficial version is not very far from the official one, and says that Nacho had been tempted by Telemundo-NBC to be the head of a morning show in the United Statessomething that gave growth to his career, but that hosting the noon newscast would not have been in his plansfor which, in common agreement with the chain, he decided to look for new horizons.

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    What will be the future of Nacho Lozano? It talks about a chance to return to Grupo Imagen, others speak of a flirtation with Azteca TV, and also that he dedicates himself to independent projects: a new book, platform and Podcast.

    For now, we do not doubt that as a good journalist and as he did in this case when we asked him about his departure, he will inform us via social networks.


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    Source: La Opinion

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